Slate Realty knows how to get top dollar when selling your Indianapolis home. Sometimes the process just involves cleaning and de-cluttering your home to get it ready for sale, while other times we will need to get contractors involved (we have a lot of experience in this area) to change carpet or paint the home so that the colors are ready for the new buyer.


The number 1 thing that we see sellers doing incorrectly when it comes to selling their home is by leaving the home the way they live in it. A good rule of thumb is to remove half of the contents of the home. Get a storage pod and remove large dressers, that extra love seat no one uses, and especially family photos. Buyers need to imagine themselves in the home and that's really hard to do when looking at photos of your family enjoying the home. A good real estate agent can tell you what items to remove, and which items to leave in the home for proper staging.


It should go without saying that when trying to sell your home, it should be as clean as you can get it. You should also strive to keep it that way. Clean under the beds, in the closets, and all the other places you've been putting off while you've been living in the home. Not only does this make it easier when you move, but it will give buyers the impression that you are meticulous about the cleanliness and upkeep of your home.

Fresh Paint Using Neutral Colors

It's amazing how much fresh paint using neutral colors can totally change the smell and look of your home. A fresh coat of paint can give the home that fresh “brand new" feeling that buyers love when purchasing a home. Plus, buyers have a lot to do when moving, and removing an immediate painting task can sure help sell the home quicker. Make sure the painter doesn't forget about putting a fresh coat on the baseboards, as unsightly baseboards can make a home feel old and dirty.

Fixtures and door knobs

A really easy task that most sellers won't do (which will set you apart when selling your home) is to replace those old gold fixtures and doorknobs with brushed nickel. We've been able to replace all the gold fixtures in a 2000 sq ft home for less than $500. Get ahold of us and we'll help arrange our contractor to replace all those old fixtures and door knobs.


If you've got old, worn out carpet then the best thing to do is to get it replaced with a neutral color. Guess what, we've got a contractor for that as well! Our contractor can get you new carpet and pad for around $2 per sq ft, installed. If your carpet doesn't need replaced, then get it cleaned before you put your home on the market.

Outside Wood Trim

Check the wood trim on the eaves and underneath the gutters on the outside of your home. This is a common area of neglect and almost always comes up on the inspection. Better to fix before any potential buyers come and look at the home. Our contractor can replace and repair gutter and eave boards for cheaper than you might think so give us a call today.


Put down fresh mulch, pull the weeds and planting a few flowers can give your home the added curb appeal when potential buyers pull up to view the home.

While we know this all sounds like a lot of work, don't worry, as we've got a pre-sales team just waiting to help you list your home. We can take care of everything for cheaper than you'd expect and get your home on the market and sold.

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